1000 round case - 9mm CCI Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ ammo 5201

1000 round case - 9mm CCI Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ ammo 5201

1000 round case - 9mm CCI Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ ammo 52011000 round case - 9mm CCI Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ ammo 5201
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1000 rd case, 20 x50 round boxes

9mm CCI Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ ammo 5201. Brass case reloadable, American made target ammo that is priced cheap at SGAmmo.com.

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Customer Reviews

I have run over 1000 round of this ammo in my Sig 938 and the same with my friend and his G-43 without drama. Good Ammo, good price, great service. Thank you Sam
Second time buying this ammo from SGAmmo. Wouldn't hesitate to order again and again. Great range ammo. Shipping was fast and no quality issues with the product that arrived.
I never had any problem with this ammo that's all I have used in my glock 19
I bought the 114 grain if i'm not mistaking and i bought a whole box of 1000 rounds of it shot 500 till yesterday and din't have any problems with it it works just fine and good pricing, great shipping, all good for me and if I find smt even cheaper I will still buy it.
I generally have nothing but great luck with Blazer Brass and all of the cartridges did function properly. However as noted by others this particular batch had cases that were scuffed and tarnished which is surprising for this brand. It's not a show stopper by any means, but I felt it worth noting.
Probably not going to buy Blazer brass again. The brass cases were all scuffed and tarnished, and the copper jackets had small dents and pockmarks. They all cylce the gun fine but I'm willing to bet PMC and federal ammo will be much more accurate. I will definitely use SG again though. There were a few shipping issues this time but the prices are hard to beat.
Good stuff, good price, from a good distributor (SGAmmo).
This will be my 4th time ordering this ammo never had any problems with it. Can't want till come back in stock.
This will be my 3rd time ordering from SGAmmo when the ammo is back in stock. Great ammo never Had a problem with it.
Normally I love this ammo, but my last batch of it seems a lot dirtier than usual. My g19 with a lone wolf barrel had no issues but my full lone wolf g34 race gun had several FTE's and a couple FTF's. Normally it runs this ammo without any issues. Hopefully this is a one off.