50 round box - 9mm +P+ Federal 115 grain Hollow Point Ammo 9BPLE

50 round box - 9mm +P+ Federal 115 grain Hollow Point Ammo 9BPLE

50 round box - 9mm +P+ Federal 115 grain Hollow Point Ammo 9BPLE50 round box - 9mm +P+ Federal 115 grain Hollow Point Ammo 9BPLE
20 or more$14.49
SKU: 9bple

50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per sealed case

Federal 9MM +P+ 115 grain jacketed hollow point ammunition. This stuff is loaded to extra high pressure specs, use only in law enforcement grade pistols. If in doubt, please consult the firearm manufacturer about using +P+ rated ammo in your gun. Federal 9BPLE ammo is a true classic in the law enforcement community and has been getting the job done right for decades.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome load, nice tight groups with these little bad boys
This is my round of choice in my Glock 19. I've tried the other rounds in several 9 mm, but I keep coming back to this one. In my opinion, this round is almost equal to some of the milder 357 rounds, such as 110 grain "Treasury Load".
Good defense round for the S&W Model 559 and the price is right thankyou SGAmmo!
With a match grade barrel G19 1280fps. Other than that Glock stock barrel​ 1255-60fps still good to go. G34 entering Magnum territory. Federal only made this design in 9mm and I think that is what set this bullet apart from others. It may not be a Bonded bullet so don't mess with it it works as is. Dekalb County GA reported brain hemorrhaging and people who was shot with this round due to the high velocity of the Beretta 92f's issued weapon at the time. This round is tried tested and true it works I don't see why Dekalb County went to the 40 caliber.
This ammo shoots great in my little Glock 26. This stuff is almost always out of stock but no worries. They will notify you when back in stock. Just waiting for more to come back in so I can buy more.
This is the only defense load I use for my 9mm pistols. It's great in my carbine too. It's tried and true and has been used by many agencies. It's also a fantastic defense loading for the price. I'm not the only one who knows about the bple, every time I come to SG this is sold out. I shy away from the new fad wonder bullets and tend towards what authorities use or have used. I like to stick with what works. XTP's in .380, FBI load in a .38 snubbie and 9bple for a 9mm.
You will be well served with this classic round. Feeds great, shoots great, expands great and is a great value.
Great power and accuracy, average 1321 fps out of the 3.5 in barrel on my Taurus. Much better accuracy than Corbon's 115gr JHP +P that's rated for the same velocity. Easily holds an inch at 5 yards and 4 at 25 when I do my part. That said, it does flatten primers and expand cases a bit. I would not recommend in most compact 9mm's.
I was recommended this round while working Armed Security in the early 2000s by a Dekalb county Ga police officer when this was their issue round with Beretta 92s before their switch to 40.it feeds 100% in all my 9x19 pistols,Glocks,Berettas,Smiths(3rd gen and M&P)manigable recoil and an authoritative report.while not the greatest and lastest nuke-um death ray bullet,the old classics still can do the job..
The Federal 9BPLE load for the 9mm is an "old school" load for the 9mm, but is still produced today because it just simply works, and works very well. I was a police officer during the mad dash for agencies to transition from revolvers to semi-autos. The 9mm +P+ enjoyed great success with local, state, and federal agencies. The U.S. Border Patrol adopted the +P+ 9mm, as well as Idiana State Police. Both agencies reported they experienced huge success with the load in actual shootings. Police in Cobb County, Georgia used this 9BPLE loading throughout the push to switch from 9mm to .40 caliber because they also had great success with it, and officer confidence was high. In gelatin test this load penetrates consistantly around the 13.5" inch marck and produces large temporary stretch cavities. This is not a bonded bullet, but that is a part of its success. Typically it shreds lead and metal, leaving secondary wound tracks. Because of this, its .36 caliber size, velocity achieved, and the kinetic energy produced, this round will (and does) become the ballistic "twin" to the .357 Magnum 110 grain loading. Both rounds hover around the 90% mark for single shot success as per Evan Marshall's research (for those who review firearms data.)