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300 WSM AmmoSGAmmo.com | 300 WSM Ammo For Sale | Buy 300 WSM Ammo Online | Lowest Ammo Prices Online | .300 Winchester Short Magnum (also known as .300 WSM) is a .30 caliber rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum cartridge that was introduced in 2001 by Winchester. The cartridge overall length is 72.64 mm, cartridge case is 53.34 mm in length and the bullet diameter is .308 in (7.62 mm), which is common to all U.S. .30 caliber cartridges. The principle at work in the short magnum cartridge is the advantage of fitting larger volumes of powder in closer proximity to the primer's flash hole, resulting in more uniform, consistent ignition. The advantage to this round is the ballistics are nearly identical to the .300 Winchester Magnum, but in a lighter rifle with a shorter action

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