Answers to common questions

How fast does SGAmmo take to ship an order?
Typically orders ship the next business day or in some cases the same business day. Exceptions happen from time to time on orders placed late Friday thru Sunday when weekend order volume builds up and causes congestion in the workflow. In those cases, the order may not ship until Tuesday.

Does SGAmmo double box ammo shipped by the case? (Overpacking the case within another box)
Yes, at we pack all factory full ammo cases within another box to help mask and protect your ammo shipment in transit. There is no additional charge for this added service because we believe the job of carefully packaging your ammo purchase should be performed properly every time without making you request the service or pay extra for it.

How is shipping cost calculated for my ammo order and how can I get a quote?
Shipping cost is based on weight only and quoted first thing in checkout based on the weight of what is in your cart. Rates per package range from a minimum of $12 for any weight up to 12 pounds, and gradually rise with weight to the maximum of $28 for a package weighing in the range of 60 to 66 pounds. After 66 pounds the system starts a second package using the same formula. Getting a shipping quote for your ammo purchase is easy, just add whatever you want to the cart and click 'checkout' and the first thing that happens is a shipping quote based on the weight of what you have in the cart. You can play around with the shopping cart to test the rates on combinations of goods by adding and subtracting items form the cart and clicking checkout to test the rates.  

Will SGAmmo ship my ammunition order to a New York State FFL holder?
Sorry, no sales to NYS

If I place an order is the ammo always in-stock?
Yes, we only accept orders for ammo that is in stock and sitting in our warehouse in Stillwater Oklahoma, ready for immediate shipment. Our system will not let you order an item that is not available, it will block you from completing checkout so as to avoid a situation where an order cannot be filled. Our system is right 99.99% of the time which is to say we have about 1 in 10,000 orders or so where we come up missing something. This can be due to damaged goods, system errors, human errors in counting inventory, but is very rare. Order your ammo for with confidence that you will get whatever you place the order for, shipped quickly and efficiently and packed carefully.

SGAmmo has so many products to choose from, what ammo should I get for my gun?
If you are not sure what ammo you want I always recommend sampling 3-4 different types in small lots of a few boxes, doing some test firing and seeing what works well in your gun and what you prefer personally. Variety is the spice of life so mix up your order with a few different things and find out what you do and do not like personally.  If you have brand new gun or your gun is a short barrel length semi-auto pistol I highly recommend sampling before buying bulk as new guns that have not been broken in and shorter barrels tend to make the guns 'picky' about what they work well with. If you are set on buying a full case of one item without ever trying it first, then feel free to email me through the 'contact us' section of the website with any questions.

Does have a phone number I can call to order or ask questions?
No, at SGAmmo we run a phone-free business. We only accept online orders placed by the customer on the website. If you have questions about our products and services, feel free to email me any time through the 'contact us' section of the website and I will reply shortly. At SGAmmo we have a very small administrative staff, just two of us, Lala and I (Sam), run the office, plus our 8 experienced workmen in the warehouse who pick and pack your orders. I like doing all the communications by email because it keeps me in direct contact with my customers and allows you, the customer, direct access to my in-depth knowledge of our products and business operations, cutting out the need for over the phone sales people who all too often are no truly qualified with the product knowledge to discuss many topics.

Does SGAmmo store my credit card number?
No, we use a secure payment gateway to process all transactions that hides your credit card information and retains only the last 4 numbers and expiration date, in compliance with security standards for online business. Even I, the owner of SGAmmo, cannot see your credit card data, as it should be. This means a much safer online ammunition shopping experience, and greatly reduces your risk of loss of critical data in the event of hacking. Sort of like the old saying 'It is like getting blood out of a turnip', the credit card data is just not there in the database to be taken, making one less thing to worry about for all of us.

Does SGAmmo have special pricing for dealers / LE / or Military members?
No, we do not. At we try to price our ammo to sell at the lowest possible price I can afford to sell for in order to keep prices competitive in the market and we charge the same prices to all clients.

If I want to order ammunition today but have the order delayed to ship on a later date can SGAmmo comply with such a request?
Yes, we can delay shipping on your order, however clear communication is key to fulfillment of the request. If you want your ammo order delayed there are two key steps. First, put the requested date that you want the order to be released to UPS in the checkout form 'comments' section. Second, immediately after the order is placed email the SGAmmo administrator through the 'contact us' section with the same requested date that you want the order released to UPS. We will still process the order that day and email you a tracking number that predicts an early ETA, but disregard that email's ETA, the package will not be given to UPS and the tracking detail will update the night of the specified date that UPS is to receive the package.

Does SGAmmo work gunshows?
No, it was good while it lasted but 9 years of working gunshows traveling from one city to the next every week was plenty for me. We have not been out to the gunshow since 2010 and I have no plans to return. We find that both selling and buying ammo online is the way to go for business efficiency and savings to the customer. You save money on transportation, parking and entry fees, and more, plus you get to shop from the comfort of your home without the hidden costs of driving all over in search for a better deal that often is never found. At SGAmmo we offer some of the most competitive ammo prices paired with efficiency in the transaction process that saves you money on your ammo purchase at the end of the day.

Can you give me an ETA on a type of ammo that is online but out-of-stock?
Feel free to email me about the specific product if you like, but typically no I do not know when we will get many of the popular products back. Availability is based on demand and production schedules of the manufacturer, both of which are out of my control. I do diligently watch for the ammo we need to restock in the marketplace and spend a lot of my time searching for inventory to replace out of stock items, but it is common to wait for months between production runs for the most popular ammunition products. If you want an email when the item comes in click the 'notify when back in stock' next to the price and the system will send you an email when we get that type of ammo back in-stock.

Can SGAmmo notify me when a type of ammo that is currently out of stock returns to in-stock and is available for purchase?
Yes, provided the product is published in our online catalog but out of stock there is a button next the price marked 'notify when back in stock'. Click that button, if you are logged in the system will put your email address on the notification list, if you are not logged in or do not have an account you will have to enter your email address once you click the button.  Once stock is added to the system an automated email is sent to your email address with a link to the product.

Can SGAmmo ship ammo out of the USA?
No, Sorry, we deal ammo only in the USA.

Can SGAmmo ship ammo to Alaska or Hawaii?
No, we can only ship by UPS ground making HI and AK off limits for direct ammo shipments. If you have a freight forwarder in California or Washington that you work with we can ship the order to the freight forwarder, from that point they will  forward the cargo to you, however they will charge a substantial fee for their service that is between you and the freight forwarder company.

Does SGAmmo take back orders? Can I pre-pay for an out of stock item in order to get it first when it does come in?
No, at SGAmmo we do not take back orders or prepayments for ammunition that we do not have in-stock. We only take orders for in-stock ammo that is ready to ship. The idea of back-ordering is often flawed could result in very long waits, cancellations to manage and sometimes other hassles and we recommend that consumer clients avoid back-order deals that other vendors may offer, because unless carefully managed back-orders can often turn into problems when your ammo needs change during the waiting time. At we strive to make your online ammo buying experience satisfying and hassle free for both you the customer and us as the seller, just straight forward business for the agreed upon ammo delivered quickly for the agreed upon price.

I am a purchasing agent for a law enforcement department or government agency. Can SGAmmo accept a Government / LE Purchase Order for an ammunition purchase?
Sorry, no, SGAmmo is a retail store dedicated to making ammunition sales in the consumer and dealer market place. We only accept online orders placed on the website and paid by credit card. If your department / agency has a credit card that you can use for purchasing ammunition you are welcome to use that and we will gladly fill any such order you place on the website, but we cannot offer special pricing or payment terms or PO's with delayed payments for government agencies.

Can I pay for my ammo purchase by mailing a money order or check?
No, due to inventory management issues we only accept one uniform ordering process which is online orders placed on the website and paid by credit/debit card using our secure checkout process. If you do not have a credit/debit card and want to make a purchase we advise you to look into buying a 'pre-paid' debit card that you can buy with cash similar to buying a money order. Once activated these pre-paid debit cards work like any other debit card and you can use them for a one-time transaction online.

How can I get a quote for a tentative order?
To get a quote easily on your own, just add whatever you want to the cart and click checkout, and a shipping quote will come up first thing in the checkout form. The top of the checkout form will show your cost of product and shipping, and at the bottom of the checkout form it will show the total sum with shipping and any optional services if you select them.

Where does SGAmmo not ship to?
Sorry, no sales to New York, Maine, California, Massachusetts, Alaska, or Hawaii. No exceptions