32 Winchester Special Ammo For Sale

32 Winchester Special AmmoSGAmmo.com | Buy 32 Winchester Special Ammo Online | 32 Winchester Special Ammo for sale | The .32 Winchester Special or 32 Win Special is a rimmed cartridge created in October 1901 for use in the Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle. This cartridge is based on the .30-30 Winchester cartridge of 1895, but differs from the .30-30 in bullet diameter. More significantly, Winchester decreased the rate of rifling twist in their Model 94 rifle, from 1:12 when chambered for the .30-30 to 1:16 when chambered for the .32 Winchester Special. Winchester used the slower twist to reduce fouling retention when creating a new cartridge for sportsmen who wanted to reload their own ammunition using black powder and cast bullets.

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