7mm Mauser (7x57) Ammo For Sale

7mm Mauser (7x57) AmmoThe 7×57mm cartridge, also known as the 7 mm Mauser, 7×57mm Mauser, 7 mm Spanish Mauser in the USA and .275 Rigby in the United Kingdom, was developed by Paul Mauser of the Mauser company in 1892 and adopted as a military cartridge by Spain in 1893.[2] It was subsequently adopted by several other countries as the standard military cartridge. It is recognised as a milestone in modern cartridge design, and although now obsolete as a military cartridge, it remains in widespread international use as a sporting round. The ballistics of the 7×57mm became popular with deer and plains game hunters. The relatively flat trajectory and manageable recoil ensured its place as a sportsman's cartridge. The 7×57mm can offer very good penetrating ability due to a fast twist rate that enables it to fire long, heavy bullets with a high sectional density. There are few manufacturers of the 7mm Mauser at this time with Prvi Partizan being one. Bullet weights range form 139- 158 grain which are predominantly found with SP prjectiles. SGAmmo.com | Bulk 7mm Mauser Ammo For Sale | Buy 7mm Mauser ammo Online | Cheap prices for 7mm Mauser ammunition

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