200 Round Case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PPM3082

200 Round Case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PPM3082

200 Round Case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PPM3082200 Round Case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PPM3082200 Round Case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PPM3082
200 Round Case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PPM3082
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20 rounds box, 10 boxes per case 308 Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo # PPM3082. This is some of the highest quality import ammo and priced right too. Brass case, fully reloadable affordable match grade ammo made in Serbia.


TRZ load No.PPM3082  
Bullet Wgt./Style168 HPBT  
Ballistic Coeficient0.450  
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line



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Customer Reviews

My Savage 110 bolt action tactical rifle (normally a 1/2 MOA gun) doesn't like this stuff very much, and can only hold about 2 MOA with it. However, my AR10 build in .308 loves this stuff, and will literally use the same hole at 50 yards. Go figure.
I had tight groups with this ammo and didn't have any issues out of it, I shot through the 200 round case this weekend breaking in a new rifle and I couldn't be any happier with it. I will defiantly be buying more of this ammo and others soon, absolutely the only place that I will buy ammo from online they always have the best prices and quickest shipping out there.
Excellent 308 ammo. Burns clean and goes bang every time you pull the trigger. I've been hitting a 12x8 inch steel plate at 100 yards all day. Hitting a 20 inch gong out to 200 & 300 yards using a Savage MSR10 in 308. Have A decent primary arms red dot on the rifle so I am really pleased with this ammo.
This ammo is great, shot a quarter inch group at 100yds with a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in a KRG Bravo chassis. Highly recommend. Also, SG Ammo is a great company to order from. Very fast shipping.
I owe Prvi Partizan an apology. I posted a terrible review of this ammo. After careful consideration I shot other match ammo with no better results. After a careful review of my rifle I found a scope mounting issue. After fixing it I shot 4 round groups of this ammo and was right around an inch. Other match ammo will do slightly better in this rifle but at more money. For the money you can't go wrong with this ammo. Woody Stephens
Just bought 400 rounds of this based on the reviews of others. Shooting through an M1A loaded I could not achieve anything approaching a 4" group at 100 yards. VERY disappointed. Not really good for even plinking.
I just test fired my Prvi Partizan 308 Match ammo that I bought from SGammo and I was impressed. In my Remington 700 I was able to get 3/4" groups at 100 yards shooting from the bench, and it was a little breezy at the time too, on a calmer day I think I could tighten up the groups. I really liked this ammo because it is clean looking, clean shooting and very uniform, it reminded me of Federal Gold Medal match ammo but without the expensive price tag. SGAmmo had the best deal I could find online for Prvi Partizan 308 match ammo. I have shopped at a few websites but prefer to buy from SGammo because they have the lowest ammo prices online, the fastest shipping department and they package the ammo correctly by packing the case inside another box so it does not get trashed by UPS handling. I have bought ammo at SGammo 4 or 5 times now and they always ship the same day or next day which is nice because I hate waiting for my ammo to ship. Another vendor made me wait for 2 weeks to ship my order then I saw SGAmmo had the same ammo cheaper so I canceled that order and ordered from SGAmmo.com, next time I will just come here first. Thank you !! Tim
This ammo is "OK". My rifle did not like it as much as it likes the IMI 168grn razor core OTM...But it didn't perform poorly.
Great ammo for a fantastic price. I've always been a bit leery of buying "cheap" as I was taught to buy the best I could afford. Apparently this doesn't apply to 7.62/.308 ammo! It functions very well in my semi-auto 7.62 AR10 with no FTE issue and it gives me better accuracy than I expected given the 16" barrel configuration of that firearm. Put it in a bolt action with 24" barrel and you'll be amazed at how well this ammo performs. Price is not always an indicator of quality and this PRVI Partizan PP321 is a great example of high quality at a very reasonable price. One last comment - SGAmmo.com is a fantastic business to deal with. They have a great selection of ammo, very competitive pricing and fast shipping. You can't go wrong here!
Best 3 shot group at 100yds .37". LaRue PredatObr 18" barrel, NF Atacr 4x16.