1000 Round Case - 40 Cal PMC 165 Grain FMJ Ammo - 40D

1000 Round Case - 40 Cal PMC 165 Grain FMJ Ammo - 40D

1000 Round Case - 40 Cal PMC 165 Grain FMJ Ammo - 40D1000 Round Case - 40 Cal PMC 165 Grain FMJ Ammo - 40D1000 Round Case - 40 Cal PMC 165 Grain FMJ Ammo - 40D
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50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case.

This ammunition is .40 S&W cal PMC Bronze 165 Grain FMJ Target Ammo 40D. Featuring a brass case, non-corrosive boxer primer, and a non-magnetic range safe bullet. PMC ammunition is made in South Korea to meet strict quality control standards that ensure the ammo performs at its best. At the same time PMC is available at a low cost that makes target practice and range shooting affordable to bulk ammunition buyers. Quality and a great price make PMC ammunition one of the best values and at one of the lowest prices of ammo of its type. At SGAmmo.com we have stocked PMC ammunition for years and it is one of our favorite brands of ammunition for our clients that shoot high volumes of ammo at the pistol / handgun range. At www.SGAmmo.com we know that our clients are looking to get a good deal and to get their ammo fast, so we try to offer some of the most competitive ammunition prices on the internet for quality factory new ammo and at SGAmmo.com we only take orders for in-stock items and ship them out quickly.

VELOCITY (feet per second)
  • Muzzle: 989
  • 25 Yds: 963
  • 50 Yds: 940
  • 75 Yds: 918
  • 100 Yds: 899
ENERGY (foot-pounds)
  • Muzzle: 358
BULLET PATH (inches)
  • 25 Yds: +0.94
  • 50 Yds: 0
  • 75 Yds: -3.46
  • 100 Yds: -9.59

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Customer Reviews

this ammo behaves very well. In 5000 rounds I have never had a failure to fire/feed/or eject. I usually purchase 180 grain for .40 Caliber ammo and bought this stuff by mistake. After an adjustment period, I was very accurate with it on reduction b-29 targets at 50 feet. I have always been pleased by PMC ammo and this 165 grain ammo has given me no reason to think otherwise. I do prefer the extra gram of weight with the 180 grain rounds as a result of finding myself to be more accurate with the heavier ammo. I have tried many brands of 165 grain and I have found this PMC ammo to be very accurate, reliable, and cost effective. If you prefer 165 grain ammo, definitely give this ammo a chance.