50 Round Box - 9mm Luger Federal HST 147 Grain Hollow Point LE Ammo P9HST2

50 Round Box  - 9mm Luger Federal HST 147 Grain Hollow Point LE Ammo P9HST2

50 Round Box  - 9mm Luger Federal HST 147 Grain Hollow Point LE Ammo P9HST250 Round Box  - 9mm Luger Federal HST 147 Grain Hollow Point LE Ammo P9HST2
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50 rounds per box

Federal HST 147 grain Hollow point 9mm ammo. One of federals best Law enforcement loads. Are you looking for the best 9mm Hollow point ammo made? Federal HST offers top level performance for 9mm Luger caliber ammunition. P9HST2 is the 9mm ammo that has Cops switching back to 9mm due to its excellent performance in the line of duty. Federal 9mm 147 Grain HST # P9HST2 for sale online at SGAmmo.com for a low price. If you are looking for ammo that you can bet your life on Federal P9HST2 is one of the best options for 9mm Pistol ammunition.

Customer Reviews

Federal 9mm 147 grain HST very consistent accuracy in my firearms.
Very accurate out of a CZ-P09 with a 4.54 inch barrel. Very manageable recoil. Excellent online gel test results.
There’s a reason that SGammo has zero boxes of this stuff currently in stock. Thanks for being the best supplier of this ammo.
This is hands-down the best 9 mm hollowpoint ammunition made anywhere in the world, federal HST ammunition performs round after round after round exactly as you would expect, no other type of hollowpoint 9 mm ammunition has proven itself better in the line of duty. That’s why so many police departments and government agencies use this product, it’s just the best second to nothing
I bought a couple of boxes of this self defense 9mm federal 9HST2 ammo a couple of weeks ago and am back again to buy a case. At first I was hesitant to buy online (I'm old school)but I am very happy with my purchase overall, ammo is clean and shoots accurately; not to mention the fast shipping and good packaging from SGammo. I used to go to Walmart but SGammo is my go to place to buy ammo for now on. The convenience of buying online and having it delivered to my front steps as well as the best prices around is to good to pass up.
Can't wait to try this 147 grain ammo. Love this site for great ammo prices.
Bought 1 box to test through 2 EDC pistols. Impressive to say the least. Reasonable price for quality EDC defense ammo. Fast ship as always! A++
Good stuff
In my range shooting and MANY online ballistic tests, Federal HST ammo may be the best defensive round. Here's an idea: everyone should keep quiet about these loads or give them average reviews. In basic economic rules of supply and demand, if the demand increases, and the supply remains the same usually means the price will increase. SGAmmo usually has the best ammo in stock and at much better prices than most everyone else.
Sgammo has the best prices bar none on bulk and CCW ammo! I've purchased both the 124gr and 147gr HST carry ammo for my Kahr CW9. Both will work, but like previous people have commented my pistol is more to point if aim with the 147gr. The short barreled guns seem to do better with the heavier bullets. Great job Federal and great his SGAMMO!