50 round box - 45 Auto +P Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST1

50 round box - 45 Auto +P Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST1

50 round box - 45 Auto +P Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST150 round box - 45 Auto +P Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST1
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50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case. Federal HST 45 Auto +P 230 grain ammo. One of federals best Law enforcement loads. Tactical HST 45 Auto +P. Tactical® HST® offers consistent expansion and optimum penetration for terminal performance. This is one of Federals best law enforcement ammunition loads and ideal for personal protection, concealed carry, home defense, or security applications. This ammo features the popular "Hi-SHOK Two" (HST) bullet which is considered by many tactical handgun shooters to be the best hollow point ammo made today. Federal HST Ammunition offers reliable and consistent expansion and deep penetration for maximum terminal performance. HST features specially designed hollow-point tip won't plug while passing through a variety of barriers and the bullet holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. The HST projectile is designed to provide 100% weight retention through most barriers while maintaining impressive expansion. At SGAmmo.com we have been selling Federal HST in all calibers and types as available to us, but supplies have been limited in the wholesale market so do not miss out on what HST ammo is in-stock today.

Part Number: P45HST1
Bullet Style: HST
Caliber: 45 Auto +P

Velocity in Feet Per Second
Muzzle: 950
25: 929
50: 909
75: 890
100: 873

Energy in Foot Pounds
Muzzle: 461
25: 440
50: 422
75: 405
100: 389

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Customer Reviews

Best EDC ammo bar none. Great performer as mentioned below. Also very accurate out of all of my 1911s.
Hands down the best edc option for me. Performs great out of my G30. Feeds flawlessly, great expansion, and deep penetration. SGAMMO always has this stuff at the best prices and fast shipping. Great product from a great company
My two mid-size S&W M&P 45's love this round. And once you get by the internet gimmicky ammunition, this HST round is a proven stopper and therefore my two EDC pistols, mentioned above, get fed nothing else.
Feeds flawlessly in my SR1911. It's my carry round. And it also seems to have less recoil than the fmjs I use to practice.
After studying many different .45 act ammo that is out there, I have come to the conclusion that I will carry this brand and make. Recoil is very controllable and gelatin tests with denim say it all. If you are looking for superior expansion and "get the job done" results for your .45, this is it.
A great round in .45ACP. Fired flawlessly and accurately in my Springfield LW Champion Operator. Recoil was only a bit more stout than my usual practice ammo and totally manageable. This will be my new EDC ammo.
This excellent round works great in my EDC SIG p227. The non +p version is great as well.
Penetration and expansion were flawless, as was feeding from: Kimber Raptor II 5" Glock 30SF H&K USP 45 Tactical H&K Mark 23 All pistols fed 100 rounds each without any fte or ftf Replaced Winchester Ranger T RA45TP 230gr +P as my carry ammo, as the HST has no feeding issues, and the Winchester did
Purchased to use as carry ammo in short barrel 45's - a Springfield XD Mod.2 and a Springfield XDS. Shot two boxes as a test and had no failures in either gun. +P was not all that noticeable in the Mod.2, but was noticeable in the XDS. I can shoot the XDS all day with standard pressure, but one box of +P was about all I cared to shoot for fun.
One EDC rounds for my SIG P220 Combat. Fantastic ammunition!!! HST projectile is a proven performer, nickel cases for high visibility and function. Second to none ammunition. Stiff load but not punishing.