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222 Rem AmmoThe .222 Remington, which is also known as the Triple Deuce/Triple Two/Treble Two is a centerfire rifle cartridge. Introduced in 1950, it was the first commercial rimless .22 (5.56 mm) cartridge made in the United States. The .222 Remington was a popular target cartridge from its introduction until the mid-1970s and still enjoys a reputation for inherent accuracy. It remains a popular varmint cartridge at short and medium ranges with preferred bullet weights of 40-55 grains and muzzle velocities from 3000-3500 fps. The .222 Remington is popular in Europe where it is known as 5.7×43. While the .222 Remington is rarely found in current production. Companies like Hornady and Prvi Partizan still produce it in 50 grain SP rounds. SGAmmo.com | Bulk .222 Remington Ammo For Sale | Buy 222 Remington ammo Online | Cheap prices for 222 Rem ammunition

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