5.45x39 Ammo For Sale

5.45x39 AmmoThe 5.45×39mm cartridge is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. It was introduced into service in 1974 by the Soviet Union for use with the new AK-74 assault rifle. The 5.45×39mm is an example of an international tendency towards relatively small-sized, lightweight, high-velocity military service cartridges. The 5.45×39mm was developed by the Soviet Union for military use and it was not intended to create civilian weapons in this chambering. When 5.45×39mm ammunition finally became available for sale to civilians several arms manufacturers started to offer 5.45×39mm chambered (semi-automatic) AK-74 platform arms for civilian use. With Hornady, Wolf, Silver and Brown Bear, and Golden Tiger being the leaders in manufacturing the 5.45x39 cartridge. the 5.45x39 round is commonly found with bullets that range from 50-60 grain and available with SP, HP, and FMJ projectiles. SGAmmo.com | Bulk 5.45x39 Ammo For Sale | Buy 5.45x39 ammo Online | Cheap prices for 5.45x39 ammunition

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