7.62x25 Tok Ammo For Sale

7.62x25 Tok AmmoSGAmmo.com | 7.62x25 Ammo For Sale | Buy 7.62 Tokarev Ammo Online | Lowest 7.62x25 Ammo Prices | The 7.62×25mm Tokarev cartridge is a Russian bottle-necked pistol cartridge widely used in former Soviet satellite states. In the US commercial market 7.62x25 has become a popular caliber due to the large number of military surplus pistols that have been imported for sale to the collector and sporting market. In the USA 7.62x25 ammo is mostly used in the Czech CZ-52 and Romanian TT-33 pistols but other firearms have been imported and manufactured to use this caliber as well. 7.62x25 Ammo is currently manufactured in several counties for sale to the consumer in the USA including Serbia, Romania and the Czech Republic, and from time to time military surplus is also available.

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