Customer Feedback

You guys rock!!!

jjf - Jul 20, 2018

Great prices and company! They are my go to place for ammo. I recommend them to friends all the time.

david.mgray - Jul 20, 2018

My order arrived super fast and in great shape. Literally two days from the time I ordered. Keep up the good work!

david.catesokstate - Jul 20, 2018

First time to order and will definitely order again. Very good prices and outstanding service!

fredlmyb - Jul 20, 2018

Great job and quick!

johncannan - Jul 20, 2018

Great Prices! Fast shipping and excellent communication from order confirmation through shipping details and tracking information. Already making another purchase.

zombiedaddie - Jul 19, 2018

great service fast delivery and packaged good awesome!!!

Gavel - Jul 20, 2018

Best prices fur surplus ammo, low priced shipping, will review product when it arrives.

smit7171 - Jul 20, 2018

After finding this company and using them multiple times, I deleted my accounts on other websites. No other company comes close on prices, selection, and a great owner. Highly recommended!

Kiefchris - Jul 20, 2018

Excellent service, pricing and products. My only source for both rifle and sidearm ammunition.

ronliebman - Jul 19, 2018

extremely happy with my order! This was my first time buying ammo online and SGAmmo defiantly knocks it out of the park with just he over all customer service. I ordered some 5.45x39, the ammo came in 30 round boxes and with the exception of one box all the boxes where in perfect condition. ill be buying ammo from SGA from now on.

jake.mckenzie46 - Jul 19, 2018

Always shipped when promised. Always received in good condition. Always at the price agreed. No surprises.

jmfent10 - Jul 19, 2018

Qick and easy. Thanks.

camodad72 - Jul 19, 2018

Wonderful Prices. Reasonable Shipping. Rapid Processing. Always Dependable. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU ASK FOR?

wspnsfq - Jul 19, 2018

You guys are the best.. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love ordering from you. Always quality ammo and great service with very fast shipping. You have a customer for life.

daders82 - Jul 19, 2018

I love purchasing from SGAmmo. Their prices are great and their shipping is now as fast as any of their competition.

mwaters3 - Jul 18, 2018

Quick order turnaround and delivery, almost as fast as buying at a brick and mortar!

DBLeeJr - Jul 18, 2018

Ammo delivered perfectly packaged and arrived amazingly quick. Good job SGAmmo

radobbins - Jul 18, 2018

Great site with great prices on good ammo with reasonable shipping charges and FAST service. Beat gun store prices by a mile. I'm hooked, but a thousand rounds of .40 is kind of heavy.

dlindner - Jul 18, 2018

Shopping for ammo here is a breeze. Whether you're looking for a single box or an entire crate. There's nothing you won't find, and the prices are unmatched by any other distributor. Great job guys at SGAmmo!

scottcarljr - Jul 18, 2018

I have ordered from SGAmmo multiple times and have yet to be dissatisfied. Ammo is usually the cheapest or close to it, shipping is reasonable, and they stock some things that you can't get elsewhere.

laverty.austin - Jul 18, 2018

Great non-magnetic ammo and timely shipping. The package from the distributor was double packed in SGAmmo's own box. All arrived in great condition. Very nicely polished brass casings.

mlaknanu - Jul 18, 2018

I average about a case a month from SGA. Outstanding price on ammo and shipping. All up front. Service is outstanding. I recommend an account and the purchase of ammo is a few keystrokes (maybe too easy:)). They have my highest recommendation.

coxrh - Jul 18, 2018

Great prices, but site navigation could use improvement. It would be nice to have more ways to filter ammo choices, such as by brand, bullet type, case material, quantity etc.

Dvdfl1989 - Jul 18, 2018

Back Again Folks!! A1 site for ammo.... Price. Service. Fast shipping 5 Star Patriot company!!!

qwazydug1 - Jul 17, 2018

Great Experience! Ammo was competitively priced and delivered on time and as described. I picked up a 500 round can of .303 British MEN Surplus, which is one of the best deals going.

william.athol - Jul 17, 2018

A+ Good comms and fast shipping at a reasonable price. Thank you.

stealthhunter629 - Jul 18, 2018

Top notch, great prices and quick delivery

Nbazain - Jul 17, 2018

All ammo arrived as ordered and accounted for. So far, I recommend doing business with sgammo.

turbod2300 - Jul 16, 2018

Even though I have not shot my rounds yet I want you to say thank you SGammo for delivering on time and i be ordered from them again

John ar15 - Jul 17, 2018

Had the ammo I was looking for at the best price. Glad SGAmmo was around when I needed them!

sean.connors - Jul 17, 2018

Good competitive prices. Much more appealing website than others and I feel like I can trust what I'm getting. Thanks!

dylane737 - Jul 16, 2018

Easy service, fast shipping, good price. Thanks, I will be back again.

Trapshooter5606 - Jul 16, 2018

Wolf 223: good shooting ammo, great for high volume and teaching people to learn to shoot.

tedo - Jul 16, 2018

Very good ammo. Zero issues.

Eggman21 - Jul 16, 2018

I have been a SG Ammo customer for several years now and have experienced good pricies, fast shipping, and great service every time. I will be a customer for years to come.

Mrockwood777 - Jul 16, 2018

Excellent in every way - Jul 15, 2018

Fast shipping, good pricing and order was accurate. Great experience.

cgspapa - Jul 15, 2018

This was my second order and I couldnt be happier! Great prices and quick shipping! Thank you

Jkaroub - Jul 15, 2018

This was my second order and I couldnt be happier! Great prices and quick shipping! Thank you

Jkaroub - Jul 15, 2018

Just inherited a SW .32 Long revolver from my father-in-law. Gave it a good cleaning and check for proper cylinder engagement. SGAmmo had the best price on this hard to find revolver ammo around. Thanks for the ease of order and fast shipping.

acaffarelli - Jul 16, 2018

Good selection of ammo,easy to order and quick delivery!

milent16 - Jul 16, 2018

Great product, great price, great service.

idkirven - Jul 16, 2018

Fast order processing

cc008g - Jul 16, 2018

Great service and done quickly. One can not ask for more.

barrybasore - Jul 16, 2018

First-time SG customer. Good bargain on exactly what I was looking for, the ordering process was as slick as could be, as was confirmation & shipping. And kudos for using UPS as your on-the-porch carrier. I don't know how it is in the big cities, but up here in Deplorable Land UPS kicks Fedex' butt all day long with their delivery model, so don't change that. I will DEFINITELY be back. Thanks again!

Badger52 - Jul 13, 2018

Great prices and excellent customer service! Will use again

mkahky - Jul 13, 2018

I buy all my ammo through SGAmmo. They have great prices and reasonable shipping. If you haven't tried them ---do it ,you won't be sorry Dave

millpad73 - Jul 13, 2018

I ordered 1k rounds of Focchi .223 ammo today and it shipped today! Based on my past orders, I know that I will not be disappointed !! Thanks SGAMMO!!

jdlii - Jul 13, 2018

Best place to buy ammo period!

zmax - Jul 13, 2018