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8x56r AmmoThe 8x56mmR or 8 x 56 R M30S (C.I.P. civil designation) cartridge was adopted in the year 1930 by Austria and in 1931 by the Kingdom of Hungary as a replacement for the 8×50mmR Mannlicher cartridge. It was originally created for the Steyr-Solothurn light machine gun as the M30. It is no longer in use by any organized military forces. While many Stutzen Model 1895/30 were brought into the United States and sold at retailers such as Big-5, the price off the round still remains much higher than most other surplus rifle rounds such as 7.62×54mmR and .30-06 (7.62×63mm), making 8×56mmR very uneconomical to shoot to the average shooter. The 8x56mmR is currently produced by Hornady and Prvi Partizan for commercial sales with 208 grain being the most common weight which is available in FMJ and SP. SGAmmo.com | Bulk 8x56r Ammo For Sale | Buy 8x56r ammo Online | Cheap prices for 8x56r ammunition