454 Casull Ammo For Sale

454 Casull AmmoThe .454 Casull (/kÉ™'sul/) is a firearm cartridge, developed in 1957 by Dick Casull and Jack Fullmer. The basic design was a lengthened and structurally improved .45 Colt case. .45 Schofield and .45 Colt cartridges can fit into the .454's chambers, but not the other way around because of the lengthened case. The .454 Casull is one of the most powerful handgun cartridges in production. It can deliver a 250 grain (16 g) bullet with a muzzle velocity of over 1,900 feet per second (580 m/s), developing up to 2,000 ft-lb (2.7 kJ) of energy. The round is primarily intended for hunting medium-large game, metallic silhouette shooting, and bear protection. Hornady is one of the leading manufacturers of the 454 Casull which has bullets weighing 240 grains to 300 grains available in HP. SGAmmo.com | Bulk .454 Casull Ammo For Sale | Buy 454 Casull ammo Online | Cheap prices for 454 Casull ammunition