1000 Round Case - 9mm Luger FMJ 115 grain Brass Case Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH9F1 - Limit 1

1000 Round Case -  9mm Luger FMJ 115 grain Brass Case Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH9F1 - Limit 1

1000 Round Case -  9mm Luger FMJ 115 grain Brass Case Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH9F1 - Limit 11000 Round Case -  9mm Luger FMJ 115 grain Brass Case Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH9F1 - Limit 1
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Nice clean brass case 9mm target practice range ammo at a very competitive price

1000 round case of  9mm Luger FMJ 115 grain Brass Case Prvi Partizan Ammo for sale, sku # PPH9F1. PPU, established in 1928, employs over 1000 skilled employees in the town of Uzice, Serbia. They continually update existing technology, spending much of their resources on ammunition research with the constant goal of improving quality and consistency. This effort ensures the customer gets the best product at a competitive price. As expected, all of the Prvi Partizan offerings are brass cased, boxer primed and non corrosive. This ammo is ideal for training and target practice and Prvi Partizan offers some of the best quality ammo at some of the lowest prices in the business for comparable ammunition. The projectile used is a range-safe non-magnetic copper jacketed lead core bullet. Prvi Partizan ammunition is of quality similar to many popular American made products and is one of the premier brands from Europe.  Ammunition of great value from a manufacturer with a long history of quality.



TRZ load No.PPH9F1    
Bullet Wgt./Style115 FMJ    
Ballistic Coeficient0.185    
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line



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Customer Reviews

Prvi Partizan is (in my opinion) the Hornady of that part of the world. It's really no surprise that such a high quality product comes out of Serbia since Zastava products come from that country as well. This ammunition is very clean, has very nice reloadable brass and their U.S. office has excellent customer service. They really put their customers first and are true firearms enthusiasts. Definitely not your typical behind-the-counter sales rep.
Don't hesitate to purchase this ammunition, PPU makes a quality product that's accurate and reliable and it's among my favorite brands for training ammo. I've fired thousands of rounds of this stuff through my Glocks and SiGs and I've never experienced a single malfunction. Highly recommended.
Great range ammo, fair price, fast shipping. Like another reviewer said, the only downside is incomplete burning powder, which will leave black sprinkles on whatever is around you at the range. However, thus far I have had no issue with this ammo and would purchase another case again in the future. SGAmmo is by far the best when it comes to fulfilling and shipping your order, 3 days from order placed to receiving my package. 5 star service all around!
I'm working my way through the first thousand rounds of this PPU ammunition. It looks well made with shiny cases and bullets. Performance is very good with no function problems of any kind so far. Accuracy and felt recoil is on par with similar priced range ammo. The only downside is incomplete burning powder. I learned in my first range session with this ammo not to leave my range bag and other equipment on the bench beside where I shot as I normally do. After about three boxes full everything was liberally sprinkled with fine flakes of what was certainly unburned powder. Including my hands and forearms. Other than that annoyance I like this ammunition.
PPU is some of the absolute best target and SHTF ammo across the board. I used to shoot and stock only American manufactured, brass cased ammo exclusively. However, over the years and many thousands of rounds down range I've discovered that PPU and several other European manufacturers (GECO as well), are superior to more than half the current American manufactured ammo. PPU is certainly far superior to anything Remington is capable of turning out... I can vouch for PPU ammo in the following calibers: .45acp, .40S&W, 9mm, .38Special, and their .223 and 5.56 offerings. PPU's 69grain, .223 OTM loads give absolutely sick accuracy out of 1/7 and 1/9 barrels. I use the aforementioned 69 grain OTM and Hornady 75 grain TAP loads interchangeably for home defense out of our 14.5 inch middy gassed barreled AR's. They burn very clean in the above mentioned calibers too. Try them PPU ammo if you haven't already! You won't be disappointed I can promise that!!!
great ammo! used on CZ p07 duty, Sig p2022, Ruger SR9c, Springfield Mod2 compact, FNS, Walther PPX. No FTF, no FTE, no fail to nothing! I highly recommend,
Outstanding brass case, non-corrosive ammunition, no malfunctions after 500 rounds through my Glock 19 and 2000 rounds through my full-auto SWD M11/9 SMG.
This is very good ammunition. PPU ammo is made in Serbia by a former yugoslavian military factory and in my opinion is one of the best brands of ammo from Europe, the brass reloads well in the projectiles are always copper jacketed and nonmagnetic so they are safe to use at my local indoor shooting range. If you buy the cheap Russian ammo that stuff is always magnetic and a no go at my range. Prvi ammo is very reliable with good accuracy and into several cases I have shot I've never had one bad round. I would say the quality is just as good or better than federal American eagle or Remington umc, Plus ppu cost less. Also SGAmmo has some of the lowest prices online for Prvi partisan ammunition