20 Round Box - 308 Win 168 Grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Match Ammo - PPM3082

20 Round Box - 308 Win 168 Grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Match Ammo - PPM3082

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20 Round Box of 308 Win 168 Grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Match Ammo For Sale

SKU # PPM3082

This is some of the highest quality import ammo and priced right too. Brass case, fully reloadable affordable match grade ammo made in Serbia.


TRZ load No.PPM3082  
Bullet Wgt./Style168 HPBT  
Ballistic Coeficient0.450  
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line



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Customer Reviews

I was able to print five shot 1MOA (+/- 0.10") groups @ 100 yards with my 16" SCAR 17. [225,189,Z.T. lot 1801]
I got just under 3in group out to 340 yards in my rem 700. This is one of my go to rounds.
I've killed 6 deer so far with this round the damage is unbelievable..
Amazing match grade ammo for the price that honestly can't be beat. First outing with my Ruger Precision rifle and I managed just over 3/4" MOA at 100 yards. If you don't reload and need match grade ammo for your .308 rifle I would give this stuff a try before using the more expensive Federal stuff. Once again SGAmmo comes through with flying colors on well priced and quality ammunition.
This ammo shoots 1/2" groups out of my M&P 10 at 100 yards It would probably do better but that's on me. I hate to give away the secret about this ammo, but I will do it for my fellow shooters. This is the only ammo I will buy from here on out. Match grade HP ammo for 70 cents a round,Unbelievable. Thanks SGAMMO.COM, you guys are awesome!
put it through a Howa 1500 bolt action .308 and the groups with a hot pencil barrel were awesome. 4 holes in one and the 5th round touching the 4 shot holes. This stuff is awesome
This ammo is awesome!!!! I shot this ammo out of my 308 Ruger Percision rifle at 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards with no problem hitting my target.
Shot this ammo last week at 450 yards outve my Bushmaster AR-10. It was on target with every shot.
This stuff shot better than the gold metal match. Every gun is different, I am glad my rifle prefers the cheaper stuff !
Hi value stuff. Out of my Ruger M77, this stuff is *almost* as accurate as Federal GMM or Federal M1A OTM, but at 65-70% of the cost. It's probably not going to carry you if you need that tiny edge in a competition, but (for me) this stuff is about 1 MOA more accurate than Federal XM80, but only about 10¢ more per round.