50 Round Box - 45 Auto 185 Grain FMJ Winchester Ammo - USA45A

50 Round Box - 45 Auto 185 Grain FMJ Winchester Ammo - USA45A

50 Round Box - 45 Auto 185 Grain FMJ Winchester Ammo - USA45A50 Round Box - 45 Auto 185 Grain FMJ Winchester Ammo - USA45A
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50 Round Box of 45 Auto 185 Grain FMJ Winchester Ammo For Sale

Product Symbol: USA45A
Suggested Use: Plinking/Target
Features: Accurate, Sure Functioning, Controlled Recoil
* Cartridge: 45 Automatic
* Bullet Weight: 185 grain

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Customer Reviews

Works great in my 1957 Colt Gold Cup National Match 1911. Accurate with reduced recoil.
Shot a box of this ammo out of my 1957 Colt Gold Cup National Match, which is designed for 185gr target. Accurate with low recoil. Great value as well.
I've been shooting .45 ACP with 230 gr bullets through different guns for several years on the shooting range. I always used 230 gr ammo so as to be accustomed to it's recoil if I ever need to defend myself. But about three months ago when target practicing, I noticed my grouping was consistently about three inches to the left of where I was aiming. Two weeks ago I went out to practice with my fairly new Sig 1911. The first two rds went dead on center of the target. But after that the Sellier & Bellot 230 gr rds, which I've been using for years, started going to left of center as before. I suddenly realized that I was and had been flinching, causing me to pull my shot to the left. Because of this I ordered some of this Winchester 185 gr.45 ACP ammo and went to the shooting range day before yesterday. What a pleasant relief. I immediately noticed less recoil, and and my shots were hitting where my 'sight picture' told me they should land. This was what I was hoping for. I'm getting up in years now, and want to continue to target shoot and have satisfaction in hitting the spot where I aim at, and the lighter 185 gr bullet is the answer. BTW, this ammo is accurate enough for me, it is clean, and feed well and didn't jam a time with the one box I shot. Also, for those who carry regularly, I'm sure a 185 gr round in a hollow point would allow for a quicker 2nd shoot because of the reduced recoil.
Went through 2 boxes and was pleasantly surprised how polished the cases were. Accuracy wasn't bad. All rounds chambered, fired, and ejected without issue. I would buy again. You don't see a lot of 45 FMJs with a lighter bullet.