4 Pack of Emptied Yugo Mixed Caliber Wood Ammo Crates - READ Description Warning

4 Pack of Emptied Yugo Mixed Caliber Wood Ammo Crates - READ Description Warning

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READ - Description Warning - This crates may contain the original metal liner that has been opened and exposes razor sharp edges. Wear gloves and handle the liner with great care. If you dispose of the liner do so with care. We include the liners on most crates in case you want to trim it and use it within the crate, but it is somewhat hazardous to handle. Do not underestimate the sharpness of the liner, it could badly cut you if handled carelessly

These are nice clean wood crates that once contained 8mm M49 Ball or 7.62x39 M67 Ball ammunition. These are some of the nicest wood crates we come by. The ammo in the full wood crate get removed and either repacked or sold by the box and the crates get emptied and sold this way. Sold as-is, used surplus, expect some cracks, cosmetic imperfections bent or broken hardware, hinges, latches etc etc. This ships as one large 66 pound package and cannot combine with other products purchased for shipping discounts as anything else purchases at the same time will be a separate package. Size of the crates varies some from type to type. These are inspected to be of our best condition but expect some imperfections. Great for storing mags, ammo, accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Just received mine a few hours ago, crates are in pretty good shape and shipping was fast as always. Now I need more ammo so I can buy a few more of these ;)
Must also add, these are great if you have some furniture mover type rollers with the wooden frames, great for moving these things around when they are filled with many rounds of ammo. I might even get some casters of some sort and install wheels on a couple and stack them up on top of each other (ones without wheels on top) to have rolling ammo storage.
I have these, they are absolutely great for storing large amounts ammo and stacking them neatly for space saving. I will definitely buy more when they come available!
Worth the wait for these to be restocked, make a great addition to any man cave. Very happy with this purchase. Wish I could afford these crates loaded with the original ammo!
Have 5 of these now. Not plywood but appear to be a decent grade of pine. Might try to refinish one or two of them just to see how they turn out. A few chips in the wood here and there and as noted in the description, some bent hardware but nothing that couldn't be straightened out with strong thumbs and/or pliers. Solid crates and with these prices, have enough boxes now to store/organize each caliber in its own crate. Fast shipping. Only problem is that they're big enough that they make your ammunition stores look low. Guess its time to buy more rounds to fill them up!
Nice crates. 2 of the lids had cracks but 100% solid. Stack well and appear very strong. Great buy, thanks!