1000 Round Case - 223 Rem PMC 55 Grain FMJ-BT Brass Case Ammo - 223A

1000 Round Case - 223 Rem PMC 55 Grain FMJ-BT Brass Case Ammo - 223A

1000 Round Case - 223 Rem PMC 55 Grain FMJ-BT Brass Case Ammo - 223A1000 Round Case - 223 Rem PMC 55 Grain FMJ-BT Brass Case Ammo - 223A1000 Round Case - 223 Rem PMC 55 Grain FMJ-BT Brass Case Ammo - 223A
1000 Round Case - 223 Rem PMC 55 Grain FMJ-BT Brass Case Ammo - 223A
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1000 round case of PMC brand 223 Rem 55 grain FMJ ammunition for sale at www.SGAmmo.com, the best online store for ammo sales with low prices and fast delivery. We only accept orders for in-stock ammo that is ready to ship, and provide quick efficient order processing and carefully packaged shipping of your ammunition by UPS ground. Make sure to review all my 223 and 5.56mm ammunition and other products before you buy, we stock one of the largest selections of popular types of bulk pistol, bulk rifle and bulk shotgun ammo for personal protection, law enforcement, and target practice / range use.

This 223 Rem ammo by PMC is brass case, boxer primed reloadable and non-corrosive. A great ammunition option for AR-15 rifles and optimal for other semi auto rifle enthusiasts as well. PMC, Precision Made Cartridges, brings you, the shooter, the quality, dependability and accuracy you have come to expect from world-class ammunition. Reliable performance from serious competition to casual paper punching PMC Bronze Line ammunition makes it possible for recreational shooters and riflemen to enjoy high performance velocity and accuracy in a cost-effective cartridge. Take advantage of PMC Bronze™ Line’s affordability for any situation that involves high-volume shooting without compromising downrange results. Bronze™ Line ammo bridges a gap for target shooters or hunters who get genuine pleasure from challenging themselves, shot after shot, to become better marksmen. Full Metal Jacket cartridges incorporate a lead core bullet enclosed in a heavy copper jacket, resulting in little or no expansion and deeper penetration of the bullet. FMJ is practical and popular for target shooting and many hunting applications where increased penetration is required.

BALLISTICS (barrel length: 24 inches)
VELOCITY (feet per second)
  • Muzzle: 3200
  • 100 Yds: 2833
  • 200 Yds: 2493
  • 300 Yds: 2180
  • 400 Yds: 1893
  • 500 Yds: 1635
ENERGY (foot-pounds)
  • Muzzle: 1250
BULLET PATH (inches)
  • Muzzle: -1.50
  • 100 Yds: +1.43
  • 200 Yds: 0
  • 300 Yds: -7.06
  • 400 Yds: -21.48
  • 500 Yds: -45.47
Ballistic Coefficient
  • 0.243
Bullet Length
  • 0.740
Sectional Density
  • 0.156

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Customer Reviews

This ammo shot great out of my AR15 and can't wait to go back out and shoot the rest of the case. I had zero issues with this ammo. Sgammo always does a great job on providing great ammo and great packing. Highly recommend this ammo and this company to everyone.
PMC ammo is best for target shooting
Good consistent ammunition. Ran 1200+ rounds of this at Front Site thru an CMMG AR and an IWI Tavor. Not a single FTF/FTE or nonfire. Accuracy was good {as long as I did my part}. Can't get any better than that.
The 223 PMC Bronze was the perfect round to break in my new AR at the range. I live in an area where all ranges require brass, so this is just the right price to be able to follow the rules and not cringe every time a new mag goes in. Firing at 100yds, I found the ammo to be extremely consistent in accuracy with not a single jam firing 250 rounds in a brand new rifle. SG was a breeze to deal with and will be coming back for all my future ammo needs.
Excellent product, extremely fast shipping!
I ordered 5.56 rounds from another company one week before placing my order for 300 Blackout rounds with SGAmmo. They got here the same day! Lowest prices I've found for ammo online or offline, and with shipping rates and times what they are with this company, it's worth the wait. Unless I find better prices and shipping times elsewhere, these guys will get my business every time I make a purchase!
Fast service, quick shipping and good prices. I won't purchase ammo at Walmart or sporting goods stores anymore
Fast shipping! Order placed on Sunday and was deliver on Wednesday. Discrete packaging and at a fair price, SGammo never fails to deliver.
Order these and shipped on date as stated on there web-site. Shipped case in plain outer-box, which was great...SGAmmo is the way to go and will order next I'm looking to buy. Thank you SGammo!!
Fast shipping, but the opportunity to have a "cover plain brown box" and insurance is a definite plus.