200 round case - 223 Rem 77 Grain SMK OTM Match Ammunition - PMC Ammo 223XM

200 round case - 223 Rem 77 Grain SMK OTM Match Ammunition - PMC Ammo 223XM

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200 round case of 223 Rem 77 Grain SMK OTM match ammunition made by PMC Ammo sku number 223XM for sale online at SGAmmo.com. Brass case, boxer primer Match grade ammo that is ideal for target, match, personal protection and hunting applications. Cartridges do not have crimped in primers or projectiles.

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Customer Reviews

I tried a few boxes of this ammo [X-Tac Match 77 gr .223] to compare with several other 77 grain .223 and 5.56 ammo I had. Knowing PMC X-Tac in other loadings [62 grain] shoot very consistently, I figured this would be a good choice. I tested it against IMI 5.56 OTM 77gr, and Hornady .223 75 gr match, all of which shot very accurately in my Daniel Defense DDM4V11 Pro. Results: the PMC 77 gr was the most consistent, most accurate, and made the smallest groups of the bunch [.5 MOA or better at best, to 1 MOA at worst]. Interestingly, it also shot 1 MOA low compared to the others. The stated velocity on the box was the same as the others [I did not test velocities of any of them..], so I can't explain why it was consistently low - a quick twist of my scope put it right on target, so wasn't a big deal. I suspect it may not have the velocity of the others. Either way, it was super accurate and consistent in my 18" CHF barrel, and was really nice to shoot - a good fit for my gun. Definitely worth a try, but don't be suprised if it shoots a little low for you too. Had the same 3" drop at 200yrds as the others, starting from its 100 yrd zero - or 4" drop total from the IMI ammo zero. This ammo is now my most accurate ammo I've tried in my gun, and I would highly recommend trying some to see what it may do for you. Every gun is different, as you know...