50 Round Box - 30 Cal Carbine FMJ RN 110 Grain Prvi Partizan Ammo PP30F

50 Round Box - 30 Cal Carbine FMJ RN 110 Grain Prvi Partizan Ammo PP30F

50 Round Box - 30 Cal Carbine FMJ RN 110 Grain Prvi Partizan Ammo PP30F50 Round Box - 30 Cal Carbine FMJ RN 110 Grain Prvi Partizan Ammo PP30F

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Prvi Partizan .30 caliber M1 Carbine 110 grain FMJ ammo for sale at www.SGAmmo.com the best website to buy ammunition from online with the lowest prices online and fastest delivery. At SGAmmo we only accept orders for in-stock ammo that is ready to ship right away, and provide quick efficient order processing, packaged with care and fast shipping of your ammunition by UPS ground. Make sure to review all my 30 cal Carbine ammunition options and other ammo calibers before you buy, we stock one of the best selections of popular types of bulk pistol ammo, bulk rifle ammo and bulk shotgun ammo for sale in the USA with options for all sorts of ammunition needs including hunting ammo, personal protection ammo, law enforcement ammunition, target practice / range ammunition. SGAmmo.com is the #1 website to use for stocking up on top quality ammunition at cheap prices.

This .30 cal M1 Carbine ammo is Brass case, boxer primed and easy to reload. Made by PPU which was established in 1928 and employs over 1000 skilled employees in the town of Uzice, Serbia. Prvi Partizan continually updates existing technology, spending much of their resources on ammunition research with the constant goal of improving quality and consistency. This effort ensures the customer gets the best product at a competitive price. As expected, all of the Prvi Partizan offerings are brass cased, boxer primed and non corrosive. This ammo is ideal for training and target practice and Prvi Partizan offers some of the best quality ammo at some of the lowest prices in the business for comparable ammunition. Ammunition of great value from a manufacturer with a long history of quality.

TRZ load No. PP30F
Bullet Wgt./Style 110 FMJRN
Ballistic Coeficient 0.182

Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated

Muzzle 1990
100 1600
200 1280
300 1070

Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated

Muzzle 967
100 624
200 401
300 281

Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line

100 0
200 -12.9
300 -47.2

Customer Reviews

Shot 100 rounds through my Underwood 1942 Carbine. This is good ammo. Two malfunctions that were magazine related. Put the two rounds in a magazine I knew worked (aftermarket 30 rounder caused malfunctions) and they fired. Good ammo and SGammo sucks (because they ship so fast and are cheap and it's causing my paychecks to be short :) )
This is excellent ammo that is right on mil spec as most PPU products are. It cycles flawlessly in my Inland LLC new model carbine, and gave a 10-shot average velocity of 2003 fps. As a bonus,the brass is top quality for reloading.
I ordered some of this and it ran great through my National Postal Meter M1 Carbine. I've probably only put 100 rounds or so through it so far and the only problem I had was one failure to feed but I think that was the aftermarket magazine that I had used. SGAmmo shipped very fast. I hadn't used them before as I didn't know about them but I will be ordering some more ammo from them soon. Thanks SGammo!
these 30 carbine are an excellent round works great in my m1 carbine. shipping from sgammo was excellent. Thank You