1000 round case - 300 Blackout 123 Grain FMJ Magtech Ammo - 300BLKB

1000 round case - 300 Blackout 123 Grain FMJ Magtech Ammo - 300BLKB

1000 round case - 300 Blackout 123 Grain FMJ Magtech Ammo - 300BLKB1000 round case - 300 Blackout 123 Grain FMJ Magtech Ammo - 300BLKB
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1000 round case of 300 Blackout 123 Grain FMJ Magtech Ammo for sale, sku number 300BLKB. This is high quality brass case, boxer primer, non-magnetic 300 AAC blackout ammo available at a special purchase price. Do not miss out on this great ammo deal, high quality 300 blackout at a discounted price.

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Customer Reviews

Great ammo almost through the 1000 rounds and not one miss fire brass is very clean and at a 100 yards still shooting a 3 inch group with a low power scope would definitely recommend to anyone shooting 300 black
I've been using Magtech 300 BLK for a while, usually just for plinking. You certainly cannot beat the price! It's some damn cheap ammo when compared to the majority of other 300 BLK brands, especially cased in new brass. It certainly burns clean, really clean, however, the accuracy is not much to brag about. I guess when you're getting really nice brass, at a fraction of the price, and it's obviously not remanufactured loads, something has to give ~ Unfortunately, it's the accuracy. Oh well, it's definitely worth the price and fun, dumping mags with my BCM 300 BLK! Keep this Magtech 300 BLK coming......Kudos to SGAmmo and the amazing deals they have, along with the lightning fast shipping. Thanks SAM!
This is good practice ammo for 300 Blackout AR platforms. Ran a few flawless mags last week to test it out. I will buy again if the price is right. If the price goes up, I will probably just have my buddy reload some for me.
Best price I have ever seen on newly manufactured 300 BLK ammo. Placed my order around 9am and received my UPS notification that it was picked up same day. Phenomenal service! I have never had a bad experience in all my dealings with SGAmmo.
It shoots clean, but isn't very accurate. It's a plinking round, so don't expect more.
Ammo is clean burning. Brass is clean. Best value for new manufactured 300 blackout for target shooting. I've never had issues with the ammo.
Saw some negative feedback on youtube regarding this ammo. I have purchased and fired this ammo without any problems. I think that the youtube video was showing a problem with the mag or the weapon. I have had no problems using this ammo. I would recommend this ammo to anyone.
This MAGTECH 123gr FMJ ammunition is exactly as the description above states. I have shot a lot of different 300 B.O. ammo, and this stuff is definitely high quality. It's NEW manufactured ammunition. It ships way faster than the Ozark "reloads". It's accurate. It's reliable. It's clean burning. It's a bargain at this price, in today's market, for training & recreational shooting purposes. You would be wise to get it, while you still can.
Excellent deal on ammo.I will be able to shoot a lot.Thank you very much.
Fired 200 rounds through a Palmetto State Armory 12 inch pistol gas build with no issues. Will buy more when it come in stock.