500 round case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PP321

500 round case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PP321

500 round case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PP321500 round case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PP321500 round case - 308 Win Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo PP321
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20 rounds box, 25 boxes per case

308 Match 168 grain BTHP Prvi Partizan Ammo # PP321. This is some of the highest quality import ammo and priced right too. Brass case, fully reloadable affordable match grade ammo made in Serbia.

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Customer Reviews

Great ammo for a fantastic price. I've always been a bit leery of buying "cheap" as I was taught to buy the best I could afford. Apparently this doesn't apply to 7.62/.308 ammo! It functions very well in my semi-auto 7.62 AR10 with no FTE issue and it gives me better accuracy than I expected given the 16" barrel configuration of that firearm. Put it in a bolt action with 24" barrel and you'll be amazed at how well this ammo performs. Price is not always an indicator of quality and this PRVI Partizan PP321 is a great example of high quality at a very reasonable price. One last comment - SGAmmo.com is a fantastic business to deal with. They have a great selection of ammo, very competitive pricing and fast shipping. You can't go wrong here!
Best 3 shot group at 100yds .37". LaRue PredatObr 18" barrel, NF Atacr 4x16.
Have fired several hundred rounds of this ammunition in many different 308 rifles and all have performed very well with it. Functions fine in semi-auto and bolt actioned rifles. Great ammunition for a great price, thanks to Ed for pointing me towards PPU and to SGAmmo for delivering great pricing and great service.
I get better grouping with this ammo than Hornady 168 BTHP in my FN SPR 1:12 twist, consistent 3/8 inch. Although my GA precision 1:11.25 and Sako 85 1:11 still prefers the Hornady. Both type of ammo serve me extremely well and SGAmmo is only place I'll buy these from.
Great ammo. Very consistent and feeds flawlessly through my semi-auto and bolt guns. I highly recommend this superb quality match grade ammo!
Shot some federal match 168 and 175, some m80 ball, hornady 150gr sst, federal fusion 150gr. Best groups of the day were with this PPU match 168. Several 1 inch groupings with my DD5V1. This was all using anothers rather shakey bench rest. Will try again with mine which is more sturdy.
Hi value stuff. Out of my Ruger M77, this stuff is *almost* as accurate as Federal GMM or Federal M1A OTM, but at 65-70% of the cost. It's probably not going to carry you if you need that tiny edge in a competition, but (for me) this stuff is about 1 MOA more accurate than Federal XM80, but only about 10¢ more per round.
I personally fire these for target shooting in my R700AACSD and out of the box they fire sub-MOA groupings at 100 meters when zeroing. I have tested them out to 500 meters so far and they fire as accurately as you are capable of making your rifle fire. This ammunition will surpass shooters skills for all but the most elite shooters. I have fired a few thousand of them through my rifle and so far have had zero fail to fire or hot loads. Never have a fail to eject or fail to load either though with a bolt gun that's fairly rare no matter what you feed it. This ammunition is pretty much the best target round you can get for your heavy barrel high twist rate .308. My rifle has a 1:10 ratio for those curious that are not familiar with the fire arm. These also fire through my suppressor without causing any damage for those concerned about that. Bottom line is this is pretty much the best you can ask for as far as target ammo in the .308 category. High end ammunition for a low end price.