50 Round Box - 357 Sig Prvi Partizan 125 Grain FPJ Ammo PPH357S

50 Round Box - 357 Sig Prvi Partizan 125 Grain FPJ Ammo PPH357S

50 Round Box - 357 Sig Prvi Partizan 125 Grain FPJ Ammo PPH357S50 Round Box - 357 Sig Prvi Partizan 125 Grain FPJ Ammo PPH357S
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50 round box - 357 Sig Prvi Partizan 125 grain FPJ Ammo PPR34 or PPH357S (new SKU number, same ammo)


TRZ load No.PPR34
Bullet Wgt./Style125 FPJ
Ballistic Coeficient0.167
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line



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Customer Reviews

I just shot some this evening after getting my .357 SIG barrel for a P226 in the mail today. Compared with .40 S&W in the same gun (only difference is the barrel), the .357 SIG didn't have more perceived recoil. It might even be less. Then again, I might have just expected more recoil and muzzle flip, so I may be imagining that it was even less than it was. In any case, if you can shoot .40, you can shoot this. Shooting outdoors, it did have a loud, deep boom that surprised me. I expected a loud crack, not a boom. That part really did remind me of .357 Magnum. I felt accurate at 12-15 yards, busting stationary clays on the berm. These were good-looking rounds before I shot them, and the brass is in good shape after picking it up off the ground. I would definitely recommend this ammunition for .357 SIG plinking. As far as the rated power, I am new to .357 SIG, so the only thing I can compare it to is Remington Golden Sabers, the bonded version. This PPU stuff did feel a little hotter than the Golden Sabers, but the difference wasn't that big. The Golden Sabers have lower advertised velocity and muzzle energy (~520 vs ~660). I wonder what the test gun/barrel length was that led to a rating of 660 foot pounds. I probably shouldn't say this since I have so little to compare it to in .357 SIG and I didn't chrono it, but I kind of doubt it's really 660 foot pounds from a 4.4-inch barrel like I was using. I might be wrong, but recoil isn't a little less than full-power .357 Magnum, it's drastically less, more than I think can be explained by semi-auto vs revolver. If anyone has chrono'd it, I'd love to know what numbers you got and what barrel length you were using. Thanks!
Wow, these are real powerhouses! From the first round thru a G 22 w/ .357 Sig bbl., this ammo lets you know they are playing in the big league. Very obvious noise and recoil difference than "standard" loads. Nice clean brass and no dented bullets observed. No malfunctions at all from 100 rounds, and the accuracy was good @ 10 yds. The only issue I have with these is myself in that getting back on target after the first walloping takes a little more time. However, these are meant for target shooting and they do it fine and with a lot of ambient noise..
I will be ordering more of this very soon, very good ammo and great quality. I wish I would have found this company sooner, some of the best prices I have found on ammo for sale online and look forward to doing more business with you guys.
This is real deal .357 Sig ammo! It is some of the cleanest brass I've seen, and it is loaded hot. I couldn't tell any difference in recoil between this stuff and the Underwood 125 grain bonded. I ran 100 rounds through my Glock 32, with no issues.
This is excellent ammo and I flawlessly ran 150 rounds through my Glock 32 Gen4 today. This is some high power stuff and if you're looking for something to train with that can match Underwood's defensive ammo velocities (Underwood 125 grain)then this is your ammo. Don't wait buy the heck out of these while they're available.
This ammo feeds awsome, shoots straight and puts the smack down on whatever you intend to hit. It has about the same recoil as the speer gold dot hollow point 124 gr in 357 sig. I have had zero failure to fires with this ammo. I have gone through 300 rounds and I am picking more up today. Mine is shot from a Glock 22 with a 357 sig Lone Wolf barrel. I have a 9mm, 40s&w and the 357 sig. The sig wins hands down as my favorite all around caliber. With this particular ammo you cant go wrong
Functions flawlessly in MP S&W. Great range ammo.
Great price for .357 Sig. Can't find this in most stores and if you can it's 25 a box and limited quantities. Very clean and big punch, from reading about this ammo it is used in Eastern Europe as a "functional FPJ". More consistent brass than most major American brands.