1000 Round Case - 380 Auto 94 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH380AF

1000 Round Case - 380 Auto 94 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH380AF

1000 Round Case - 380 Auto 94 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH380AF1000 Round Case - 380 Auto 94 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPH380AF
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1000 Round Case of 380 Auto 94 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan Ammo For Sale


Brass Case, re loadable, high quality import ammo from Serbia. Prvi Partizan is the manufacturer that sets the standards for quality in European made ammunition and products are similar to Winchester or Federal in construction and characteristics


TRZ load No.PPR32 
Bullet Wgt./Style94 FMJ 
Ballistic Coeficient0.138 
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line



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Customer Reviews

Glad I tried this. Was ready to give up on my Taurus TCP after failures with six other brands. Now have over 200 rounds of this and some Prvi JHP without any problems.
This is the best 380 ammo that I've been able to find. It's the only one that I've found that'll run in my Ruger LCP. It also runs good in my S&W 380EZ. It's my carry ammo. If it's good enough for the Serbian military it's good enough for me. Lol
This is great ammo and I have never had a single failure out of it. I look forward to ordering more ammo from sgammo they have the best prices that I have found to buy ammo online.
This Prvi Partizan 380 Auto Ammo is the stuff. Worked like a charm, no duds and fires accurately. Price is cheap and shipping is fast. Packages are sent out in two boxes and with peanuts. Great job by sgammo! Will bu ammo from sgammo online again! `Mike
Honestly, I haven't used Prvi Partizan's 380 ammo yet, but I have found their .303 British to be the best ammo for that caliber.
I have run this ammo in my thoroughly broke in G42 with no problems. I have also run this in a friend's Sig P238 with no trouble at all. Reasonably consistent (at least as observable in 3 inch pocket guns) and reliable.
Runs great in my Ruger LCP
First of all, I love SGAmmo, hands down best place for ammo and customer service. Just wanted to let people know this Ptvi 380 jams up my g42 pretty consistently. I have had luck with other ammo and my g42 but this one jams me at the range. Be warned though that the g42 is known to be finicky with ammo so take this with a grain of salt! I am just posting this review in case anyone else with a g42 is looking for consistent range ammo you may want to try something else first or just start with a box instead of a case.
Great ammo! I used it in my Sig Sauer P238 with no problems!