1000 Round Case - PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo - 45A

1000 Round Case - PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo - 45A

1000 Round Case - PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo - 45A1000 Round Case - PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo - 45A1000 Round Case - PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo - 45A
1000 Round Case - PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo - 45A
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1000 round case of PMC 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ Ammo item # 45A for sale at SGAmmo.com, your best source for ammunition online. 50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case. 45 Automatic PMC Ammo, 230 grain bullet, copper jacket, brass case, boxer primed ammo with a 230 grain FMJ bullet. This ammo is 100% non-magnetic, range safe and a high quality ammunition for a target shooting, range use and practice / training applications. If you are looking for a low price ammo option for high volume range shooting, this is one of the best types of ammo for your sport. At SGAmmo we offer top quality ammo and low competitive prices, and we will process and ship your online ammunition order quickly, with careful packaging of shipment.

VELOCITY (feet per second)

Muzzle: 830
25 Yds: 809
50 Yds: 789
75 Yds: 769
100 Yds: 749

ENERGY (foot-pounds)

Muzzle: 352

BULLET PATH (inches)

25 Yds: +1.41
50 Yds: 0
75 Yds: -4.90
100 Yds: -13.48

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Customer Reviews

great ammunition love ordering from SG
Best deal I could find online for this PMC 45 auto ammo! I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was on my order and how well they packed it from getting significant damage from ups. I will be buying more from you guys very soon. This was one purchase that I am very happy I made and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
Great ammo to buy for your gun it is always reliable and I have never had a problem with the performance of it. I have shot 2000 plus rounds of this PMC and it has never disappointed me. PMC always has a great quality of ammo and Sgammo always has the best prices and fastest shipping out there. I would recommend to anyone!
I love Pmc ammunition, I trust this brand because I have used it for over five years and never had any problems that were not the fault of the gun. I save my brass cases and they are good for reloading to, but it’s so cheap to buy ammunition online that I usually just buy new stuff. SGAmmo Has proven to be a reliable source for me to buy ammunition online, they ship the orders faster than anyone in the business and they don’t shortcut on doing the job right.
Love buying from a fair business. Prices are great and you don't feel like you're being taken advantage of. Good products and quick shipping make SGAmmo one of my 'go to' ammo suppliers. They have some of the best prices on bulk ammo. My PMC 45 Auto Ammo came in 3 days later and was in better quality than orders from places like bulkammo or LuckyGunner.
Just received my first order from SGAmmo yesterday morning, and to say I'm impressed would be an understatement. Good quality service is hard to find these days, but these guys do it right. I've ordered ammunition online for many years, and no one comes close to the quality of service provided at SGAmmo.I purchased a thousand rounds of PMC 45a. It came FAST, in a non descriptive package, and packed tight for the long ride to Montana. The ammo was exactly as described and pictured. You have a new lifelong customer. Thank you.
A very good price on Pmc 45 ammo from my favorite online ammunition dealer 'SGAmmo'
Pmc ammo functions in my guns well and is not expensive, and in the 2 cases I have shot I have never had a defective round or any problems at all. I am glad sgammo has such low ammo prices and good service, it can be tricky dealing with some online ammo dealers because they are not all trustworthy bi SGAmmo has never let me down and I have been buying ammunition from their website for over 3 years.
I have shot thousands of rounds of this ammo. Never once have I had an issue with it. Great practice ammo for the price!