50 Round Box - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 grain Standard Pressure LE Hollow Point Ammo 53618 - Limit 5

50 Round Box - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 grain Standard Pressure LE Hollow Point Ammo 53618 - Limit 5

50 Round Box - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 grain Standard Pressure LE Hollow Point Ammo 53618 - Limit 550 Round Box - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 grain Standard Pressure LE Hollow Point Ammo 53618 - Limit 5

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A maximum order of 5 is allowed.

50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case. 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 grain hollow point Law enforcement ammo for sale. Speer Golddot is some of the most powerful 9mm Luger hollow point hand gun ammo available in the US market and the 124 grain projectile is often the preferred bullet weight by tactical handgun enthusiasts. The Gold dot hollow point projectile has proven itself to be one of the best options in premium law enforcement grade ammunition. If you are looking for highest quality ammo for personal protection or self defense applications then Speer Gold Dot is one of the best choices. Also the 50 round boxes like this keep the prices low and are a much better value than the 20 round commercial packs for people who want the best ammo at the best prices. At www.SGAmmo.com we only take orders for in-stock items and offer some of the lowest prices for these sort of goods in the online ammunition business.

Speer LE Gold Dot Duty Ammunition 9mm Luger

Designed to deliver the high performance today's law enforcement officers demand. Each Speer LE Gold Dot bullet is individually engineered to provide shot-to-shot uniformity and ensure optimum performance when fired through a variety of barriers. The result is a cartridge that provides officers the ultimate defense in lethal force confrontations.

Part Number: 53618
Bullet Style: GDHP
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Test Barrel Length in Inches: 4
Bullet Weight (Grains/Grams): 124 / 8.04
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.134

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Customer Reviews

I like this round very much, very accurate with a nice snap. My go to carry ammo.
The only ammo for my p365!
Good price on great ammo.
The best rounds I used in law enforcement..
I just order this product my co-worker at VA has used this product and stakes his life on it so I trust it and will try it . I purchaed 1000 rounds.
Great price fast delivery,best place to buy ammo
I really enjoy shopping @ SGAmmo as my Quicken account will confirm. In fact, compared to other dealers, I usually save enough on the unit prices and shipping to buy an additional box! It will be my preferred ammunition supplier as everything has been quality so far. Regarding the GD 124 gr. standard pressure load: I actually had very good shoot days with this ammo. This was especially exciting since the +P load was not performing (accuracy) well in the S&W Shield nor a Glock-17, which is a real pig and shoots most ammo well. Cycling was flawless, no FTFs or FTEs; nothing but straight boom-n-louders and the accuracy was impressive. Don't know why such a big difference btwn the +P and this one, but I will return for a bigger order soon, and maybe get a different lot number of the +P.
Great product great price.
SGAMMO handled my orders with precision. My items were packaged well. The shipping was not only fast but everything arrived on time. Thank you SGAMMO! As for the ammunition...I will be back for more 9mm Speer Gold dot 124gr
Great defense ammo @ a really great price ! All of my 9s loves the stuff. Can't say enough good things about SGAMMO , very good pricing and super fast shipping. just ordered a 1000 more rounds of the Gold Dot 115 GR. It's obviuos that they care about their customers, they will now be my go to supplier for all my ammo, good people.