500 Round Case - 9mm NATO 124 Grain Winchester Mil-Spec Ammo - Q4318

500 Round Case - 9mm NATO 124 Grain Winchester Mil-Spec Ammo - Q4318

500 Round Case - 9mm NATO 124 Grain Winchester Mil-Spec Ammo - Q4318 500 Round Case - 9mm NATO 124 Grain Winchester Mil-Spec Ammo - Q4318 500 Round Case - 9mm NATO 124 Grain Winchester Mil-Spec Ammo - Q4318
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Winchester Mil-Spec 9mm NATO Ammo - 500 Rounds of 124 Grain - Bulk Case - Q4318

This ammo is commercial grade ammunition that is loaded to military specs with 10% higher pressure than standard 124 grain FMJ ammunition, thus it is +P pressure level (but not specifically marked +P). This ammo is excellent for sub machine gun use but will work well in any high quality 9mm Luger caliber weapon. This is new production ammo headstamped with the NATO mark, packaged 50 rounds per box, 500 rounds per case. Brass case, boxer primer, copper FMJ 124 grain.

  • Brand: Winchester
  • Grain Weight: 124
  • Ammo Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Quantity: 500 rounds
  • Military Standard: NATO Mil-Spec
  • Purpose: Training, self-defense
  • Quality: Trusted Winchester performance

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Customer Reviews

These NATO rounds are awesome. I put 500 thru my Glock 19x when I first got it and they ran flawlessly. I plan on using these for pratice because I bought Cor Bon 115gr +p JHP for carry rounds and they have a similar recoil. Great reliable ammo.
I ordered a case of this Winchester 9mm Nato spec 124gr FMJ ammo for a cz scorpion I bought off a friend. It shot with 0 issues and 0 malfunctions. Was very happy with my order all the way thru ordering and seeing how the package arrived in great condition. Oh, and the shipping was the best part, it got here in a few days where everywhere else I order from takes a week or more. I'll definitely be making more purchases from sgammo.
Functioned flawlessly in my MP5, brass is clean, has a lacquer sealed primer & shot accurate for me. I could tell this has more recoil than most other 9mm. Based on other velocities, I'd say this clocks around 1300 fps out of my full size MP5 & shot a quarter sized group at 25 yards & about 2 inches low at 7 yards. I'd recommend it & would buy it again.
Best ammo ever, great price will by again!
If you have the Remington R51, or other pistols that don't like zippy or anemic cheap 115 grain range ammo, feed them this! It is also very similar to shooting most 124 grain defensive ammo, especially 124 grain +P HST, Gold Dot, Golden Saber, etc. for half the price. This is what I have shot for ages. It's NATO spec, burns pretty clean, feeds well, and the extra power makes shooting slower heavier comp target ammo seem much easier. A few guns may not like this ammo, but if they don't shoot Winchester white box NATO, I tend to put them into a category of "distrustful for defensive use". Browning Hi Powers can get flaky with JHP, and the one I have now is not a Browning but an East Block Hungarian clone with an extra powerful mainspring, so this ammo works great in that gun, too. After pinning & installing a stop washer the open hole from removing the mag safety, I can rattle off all 14 rounds in about 4 seconds, sometimes less, and stay on the steel, at 5 yards. It's worth $10-$25 per 1000 round to not fiddle around with jams, hard primers, bulged casings, and crappy bullets with scrap steel filler in the lead bullet, ala Tula.
Great ammo for my cz p09. It is definitely a little hotter than regular 124gr 9mm. Poi is a little higher than any other ammo that I've used in the cz. Use a combat sight picture.
Great ammo very good trajectory and to my surprise very powerful. Did a test over this weekend with this 9mm ammo .40 165 grain and .45 230 grain setup 3 4 inch thick concrete blocks and shot 1 block per caliber center MASS the 45 took 12 rounds then broke in 2 , the 40 took 10 rounds broke in 2 and the 9 took 4 rounds and broke it in 4 pieces. I was shocked this is great ammo bought 2 500 round boxes going to buy 2 more. This will be all I shoot from now on. Also sgammo had it to my house in 3 days thanks. Please note ammo was shot out of sig p320 x carry with 3.9 inch barrel just for reference. Please use caution when shooting nato= +p rounds make sure your firearm is rated for it
Have shot this ammo for years buy when ever I can get decent price, always shoots good. Just ordered case so I can break in new gen 5 glock..The first 500 will be 115 grain winchester target never had any issues with it either, the second 500 hundred will be the Win 124 grain Nato...If your shooting this ammo in a cheap pistol made in Turkey and experiencing stoppages of any kind... (MAYBE IT IS NOT THE AMMO) Shooting +P+ in the same pistol is stupid is as stupid does..........................................................
Received today in a timely manner. Rounds are nicely mfg with sealant. Will shoot later and know they will be great being Nato +P rounds 5 stars
Sam (SGAmmo owner) described these rounds perfectly. They are hot, reliable and accurate. I put several hundred through my brand new HK USP9 Compact and it ate this stuff like candy. Not one FTE, FTF or FTC...it was so accurate at 15 yards with my best group of six at 2.8 inches. Several folks at the range asked me about this Winchester NATO round that was obviously a +P high velocity cartridge that none of them were familiar with, but wanted to know about when observing my target. This is my go-to target ammo from now on and I just purchased 1000 rounds in .45ACP as I know they are consistent and reliable.