1000 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ CCI Blazer Brass Case Ammo - 5230

1000 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ CCI Blazer Brass Case Ammo - 5230

1000 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ CCI Blazer Brass Case Ammo - 5230 1000 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ CCI Blazer Brass Case Ammo - 5230
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1000 round case 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ CCI Blazer Brass Case Ammo # 5230 for sale online at SGAmmo.com

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Customer Reviews

Small primers if you reload, dependable, dirty, fairly accurate.
My full size, Officer's and Colt Defender 1911's and Sig P220 eat this stuff up. Never had a malfunction, and good accuracy. Small primers, but I don't reload, and this competes in price with steel cased ammo.
Great price and this stuff just runs in any thing I've got, Glock 21, M&P Shield, Colt 1911, Para 1911.
Great Price like always from SGAmmo. Fairly accurate, easy follow-ups, but damn this ammo's Dirty. I thankfully only picked up a few boxes, however, I'll definitely stick with S&B and Speer Lawman ~ they both burn clean and hold their consistency. Thanks for the amazing service SGAmmo. You are certainly the best when it comes to online ammo sales!
I have shot about 4500 rounds of this stuff. I'm not a great shooter but I out shoot this ammo. It's very dirty in my 1911 Springfield Mil-Spec. The accuracy is pretty good. I have had no misfires so far. My gun eats this ammo and spits out hot lead. That said, dealing with the mess it creates is as simple as using a brush rod after every 250 rounds. With this ammo, I have had to field strip every 1k rounds and detail every 2k. I would buy this again for cheap range ammo.
I did not like this Ammo too much. After watching youtube reviews I was convinced not to buy this but after a few weeks and my 45 supply almost gone I wanted to try this since it was so cheap for 1k. Think I got it for 220 before tax and shipping. My problem with this ammo was that some of the bullets were pushed deep in the casing, looking very oblong, (probably a Quality Control issue) Which is odd to me because all of the other CCI ammo I've bought were flawless especially their 22lr. Their handguns cartridge tho, is no bueno. I did not have any failures running this through my Glock 21 Sf, but when I ran it through a Springfield 1911, thats when I had my issues. Had at least 1-4 failure each box, FtF. I would not Recommend this Ammo, but I DO Recommend SG AMMO. Been ordering from them for years, this is the only bad batch I've got but honestly I knew the issues before purchasing. This was my first time ordering the CCI 45's and this will be my Last.
Ok, now I've fired 1k rounds of this ammo. I had only 4 misfeeds but this ammo burns really dirty. I used a Sig P227 to fire this 1k. I like CCI better (S&B and Magtech) as it feeds reliably and burns cleaner.
My Thompson 1928A1 SMG really likes this stuff. It is the only ammo I purchase anymore for it. 1000 rounds is always the minimum order.
Purchased 1,000 rounds at reasonable price considering it is a .45 caliber. Reguarding the accuracy of the ammunition indoors hits right on the mark. Out of 150 rounds I shot it jammed 4 times, but was able to quickly clear it & reuse the round again no problem. Also, I had a another 4 failure to fire (again I was able to clear & reuse the ammunition). In conclusion as a previous reviewer had said...they jam in the 1911 like clock work. I would buy again because if you never encounter a problem, you'll never be ready in the real world. Then again, I wouldn't use it as a primary ammo with my EDC, just plinking.
Looking forward to trying these out on the range