500 Round Case - 7.62x51 NATO 175 Grain BTHP SMK OTM Razor Core Match Ammo by IMI

500 Round Case - 7.62x51 NATO 175 Grain BTHP SMK OTM Razor Core Match Ammo by IMI

500 Round Case - 7.62x51 NATO 175 Grain BTHP SMK OTM Razor Core Match Ammo by IMI500 Round Case - 7.62x51 NATO 175 Grain BTHP SMK OTM Razor Core Match Ammo by IMI
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Notice:  We had IMI slightly alter this load from prior lots by shortening the cartridge over all length from M118LR mil-spec down to SAAMI spec for 308 Win. This allows for fitting in polymer AR10 mags like the Magpul SR25 Pmag while at the same time having no negative effect on accuracy, making this load a better fit for use in a wider variety of semi auto rifles.

7.62x51 NATO 175 Grain BTHP SMK OTM Razorcore Match Ammo by IMI Israel Military Industries. This 7.62 NATO ammo is brass case with sealed boxer primers and a 175 grain Sierra bullet. The projectile is copper jacketed, lead core and non-magnetic. IMI ammo is regarded as some of the finest quality ammo made anywhere in the world and here at SGAmmo we are happy to offer this great ammunition to our clients. Quality of this ammunition is excellent and the brass is good for reloading.

 Data per IMI website below...

The IMI Small Caliber Ammunition (SCA) Division is recognized as a world leader in small caliber ammunition. The Division manufactures a complete range of ammunition, from 5.56mm to 0.5” (12.7mm), including a wide range of armor piercing, sniping and training ammunitions. IMI's 5.56mm BALL NATO and 9mm BALL NATO cartridges are NATO qualified. IMI's SCA Division is recognized by the Israel Ministry of Defense as the exclusive supplier of small caliber ammunition to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Other customers include the U.S. Army, armed forces of major NATO members, law enforcement, special units and commercial markets. IMI's SCA Division offers a complete line of high quality cartridges supplied in accordance with NATO, MIL-SPEC, IDF standards or commercial specifications such as SAAMI and CIP. IMI's SCA Division has a proven capability to meet the most stringent military specifications. IMI's SCA Division is certified by the following international standards: ISO 9001:2008 (Quality System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety System). The Division has the production, quality assurance and testing infrastructure to maintain high capacity production levels.  Supporting its diversified product range and ensuring they meet IMI's customers demanding specifications, IMI's SCA maintains comprehensive and sophisticated in-house quality assurance capabilities. The modern chemical and metallurgical labs and firing ranges control the production process from the incoming testing of raw materials, in-process inspections through to lot final acceptance tests. 

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Customer Reviews

Purchased some for a POF Revolution and Savage FCP-sr (original with ACS bottom metal). POF ran smoothly, Savage shot extremely well, but HOT. Serious bolt sticking. Heavy over pressure signs. I'd be careful with the new lots, not sure if everyone is experiencing over-pressure on recent shipments.
Grabbed some of this the other week and I am pleased! IMI has always been a little difficult in the past but this 00412/G SAAMI spec has been the beezkness. Love this IMI 175gr. SMK, it has been one of the most consistent of the different types of ammo that I have put thru my rifle. SGammo has been one of my favorite online stores for awhile. They have never let me down, fast shipping and great packaging. Any special instructions they got it. Thanks, SGammo.
Great ammo in my Springfield M1A. I got less than 1" 5-shot groups at 100 yards, my best of the day being about 5/8" using a lead-sled. I also liked the military grade sealed primer and case mouth on this ammo. They use a black gum-like sealant on the bottom of the bullet and maybe that is why it does not get exactly the same group size but I like the military grade manufacturing so I know the ammo will stay fresh forever in storage. Than you SGammo for importing and supporting IMI ammo
Good quality ammo, Standard deviation using a Magnetospeed chrono is 30 FPS out of an M24. Do not expect FGMM consistency. I do think reducing the O.A.L. does impact accuracy but a necessary compromise for semi-auto compatibility.
I have been using this the new lot 00412/G SAAMI spec in my Ruger precision rifle, and I have to say that it is fantastic. There is about a millimeter of clearance of the bullet tip from the side of the Magpul PMag GenM3 10 round magazine that came with the rifle, and zero issues when reloading. At 85 meters, I was able to average 2 centimeter groups at worst (a bit windy), and shots right on top of each other when the wind calmed down. I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform at greater distances.
I used this ammunition to break in my SR25 APC. Due to weather and range work, I only have access to an 80 yard range currently. The rounds were, as expected, stacking on top of each other on the target. The rounds also fed without issue from the SR25's magazine, a Larue LT762 magazine, and a C-Products LR308/SR25 magazine. I hope to shoot these at a 200 yard range soon.
SedonaEd..I bought a case of this ammo.My M1A shoots very well with these rounds.The quality is very good.These bullets are too long however for FAL mags and magpul magazines.I tried several mags as I wanted to try the ammo in my DPMS arms FAL and my LWRC.The ammo feeds intially then quickly by the 3rd or 4th round jams the mags.I would not buy the 175 grain rounds again as I want ammo to fit all 7.62 rifles.
Just a warning, overall cartridge length is too long to fit in Magpul LR20s. Otherwise decent ammo. Fits AICS mags fine. Will also fit actual KAC brand SR-25 mags.
bySedonaed.I bought a case and have fired these rounds in M1A's as well as AR-!0 rifles.Very accurate.Not quite as good as Federal 168 grain rounds,but very close.A bargain.
These in my Knights Armament SR-25 20" rifle and Leupold 3x18 scope shoot 10" groups at a 1000 yards. I'm satisfied. Great price for the quality of the ammo.