500 Round Brick - 22LR Wolf Match Target 40 grain Lead Solid Ammo - Made by Eley

500 Round Brick - 22LR Wolf Match Target 40 grain Lead Solid Ammo - Made by Eley

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500 round brick - 22LR Wolf Match Target 40 grain Lead Solid Ammo - Made by Eley

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Customer Reviews

Ten-round groups at 50 yards from my Sako P94S measure 0.34 inches. It is the most accurate and consistent ammo in every .22 cal. firearm I own. Been shooting smallbore for 56 years.
Started using wolf target for smallbore rifle competition based on friends recommendations. With my savage heavy barrel, I'm now shooting first, or second place. Also using this ammo in steel challenge in my S&W 22 Victory and 10-22, this is good stuff!
Best ammo I've shot in my target grade Ruger 10-22's and my Remmy bolt guns.
This ammunition is all you need to compete to win at any level IF you know what you are doing - batching namely. Easily capable of sub MOA at 50 yards, your choice of rifle is more important. With a top notch target rifle and a knowledge of mirage/wind/light, etc. A 250/250 score is definitely doable.
This is my preferred ammo to shoot when it comes to .22 rimfire. It's just as accurate (if not more so) than more expensive brands out there. I've shot just about every brand of ammo through my volquartsen scorpion and TacSol 10/22 takedown and I now exclusively shoot Wolf Ammo b/c the price is right and the accuracy is there. I just ordered a box of Wolf Match Extra. We'll see if the extra $20 is worth it. Full disclosure: I do shoot subsonic rounds that aren't Wolf brand when shooting my rifle suppressed.
I normally stay away from Wolf products but bought this stuff on the recommendation of a customer service rep at Volquartsen Customs. I own their LLV upper and asked them which brand of ammo worked the best. They explained to me that they tested just about every brand and this one was the most accurate out of their barrels. So I ordered a couple cases from SGammo. They were really fast w/turnaround and ship time, their price was competitive to other stores, but the reason I chose them in the end was the shipping cost was the lowest I could find. So I received the ammo and tested it heads up w/CCI green label, mini mags, stingers, standard velocity, Norma, Eley, and many other different types I have laying around. Bottom line, this stuff is def worth the price. It's as good as the CCI green label at half the price. But I guess it's made by Lapua so it does make sense
I shoot rimfire competitively at 50 yards with an Anschutz heavy barrel sport rifle. A couple of times I've managed a 250 out of 250. Normally I use RWS Target Rifle (orange box) Sport Line, but a friend insisted I try this WOLF Performance .22LR ammo. I did and it shot just as accurately. Excellent ammo and very reasonably priced at SGA. — Chris K